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Bio: Matt Followell is another contributing author here at DSOGaming. A long time fan of PC Gaming and a huge supporter of the open source and homebrew movement. You’ll see him interacting with the community from time to time going by the user-name of Radapples. Contact: Email

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Genesis Alpha One Review: Lifeless as the Vacuum of Space

Posted on: 14 Feb 2019

There was once a time when I dreamed of designing video games; I think most gamers do as kids. While this dream ultimately evolved into working in IT, it still left me with a soft spot for indie games/studios. I am usually a bit more forgiving when independent titles lack a little polish, so long … Continue reading Genesis Alpha One Review: Lifeless as the Vacuum of Space

DSOGaming – Yooka-Laylee Review

Posted on: 04 Apr 2017

For those of you reading that have been around for awhile, you know that it is no secret how big a fan I am of the Banjo Kazooie series and of just about all Nintendo 64 era Rare titles. What does this have to do with Yooka-Laylee you ask? Well Playtonic Games the studio behind Yooka-Laylee … Continue reading DSOGaming – Yooka-Laylee Review

I Don’t Trust $60 Games

Posted on: 09 Dec 2016

If you aren’t from the United States this message may not ressonate quite the same, but the overall rhetoric remains; A triple A’ price tag, does not equate to a quality title.

DSOGaming – Factorio Review

Posted on: 13 May 2016

Now before we get started I should fully disclose that Factorio is not for the faint of heart. When I first got my key for Factorio from the game’s developers I told myself that I had to launch a rocket before I could ever write this review. More Inside.

DSOGaming – Bunker Punks Review

Posted on: 15 Apr 2016

Nearly a year ago I interviewed Shane Neville and Independent Developer. At that time Shane was working on a little title called Bunker Punks, well it is now available. About 4 weeks ago Shane reached out to me via email about doing a review of Bunker Punks and I happily obliged as I have been incredibly excited for … Continue reading DSOGaming – Bunker Punks Review

DSOGaming – Forced: Showdown Review

Posted on: 28 Mar 2016

Forced: Showdown, while retaining the same name as its parent title, this iteration in the series is quite different from its predecessor. What sets Forced: Showdown apart from the original Forced is its new card system. In Forced: Showdown you battle your way through an arena filled with worthy (or not so worthy) adversaries all … Continue reading DSOGaming – Forced: Showdown Review

DSOGaming – Kwaan Review

Posted on: 29 Feb 2016

I usually try to balance out my gaming plate with a nice big helping of indie games, although in the past I haven’t had the time to review a lot of them simply because there were so many big releases that the indie games kind of fell below my radar. Kwaan has my latest does … Continue reading DSOGaming – Kwaan Review

DSOGaming – XCOM 2 Review

Posted on: 24 Feb 2016

I have never been so frustrated with a game while also so driven to finish it. XCOM 2 even at its easiest difficulty is absolutely brutal and only the most diligent of commanders will be able to make it through the entire game without losing any of your troops and even then it is unlikely. … Continue reading DSOGaming – XCOM 2 Review

DSOGaming – Punch Club Review

Posted on: 30 Jan 2016

Before Punch Club was ever released publicly many of us were already intimately familiar with it as the developers let Twitch beat the game before it was released. This a good publicity stunt by the developers because it put their game in the spotlight at very little cost to them, so kudos to them on … Continue reading DSOGaming – Punch Club Review

The Underrated Upgrades – Audio Part 1

Posted on: 30 Jan 2016

This is a particular section that I hold dear to my heart as an audiophile. Now this upgrade isn’t nearly as underrated as the seating on, but I feel like it is often left out of people’s budget. I’m going to try to keep this within a reasonable budget but I’m also going to provide … Continue reading The Underrated Upgrades – Audio Part 1