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Bio: Stephen is our resident kung fu master and reviewer. When he’s not kung fu fighting, he’s playing games, and has been since the atari 2600. He also runs his own YouTube channel called Particular Pixels, where he creates a variety of content related to PC gaming. He goes by the nickname Shaoling (not to be confused with Shaolin), which comes from his favorite PC game of all time, System Shock 2.

Posts by Shaoling:

Hi-Fi Rush PC Review

Posted on: 12 Feb 2023

So, Hi-Fi Rush just shadow dropped out of nowhere, with little to no marketing behind it. It just kind of released. Developed by Tango Gameworks the studio behind The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 and Ghostwire Tokyo, comes this surprise. Is it worth it? Well, I’ve finished the campaign, and then some, which took … Continue reading Hi-Fi Rush PC Review

Dwarf Fortress Premium PC Review

Posted on: 04 Feb 2023

Dwarf Fortress has been around since 2006 and I’ve actually been wanting to try it for years, but the ASCII visuals combined with the complexity of the game was somewhat of a deterrent. Although I did consider using a skin pack, I never got around to actually playing it. To my surprise though, a Steam … Continue reading Dwarf Fortress Premium PC Review

The Callisto Protocol PC Review

Posted on: 11 Dec 2022

I’m a massive fan of the Dead Space series, and with Visceral having been closed down by EA, there was little hope of a new game in that franchise. When I found out that Glen Schofield and several other people from Visceral started a new studio and began production on The Callisto Protocol, I was … Continue reading The Callisto Protocol PC Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) PC Review

Posted on: 28 Nov 2022

Another year, another Call of Duty, this time in the form of Modern Warfare II (not to be confused with 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 or 2020’s Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Perhaps they ran out of ideas for names.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Review

Posted on: 07 Sep 2022

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, another Playstation exclusive, has finally arrived on PC. When the game originally launched, it got a lot of positive reactions, so I was quite excited to get my hands on it. I also wanted to see whether its PC version would be polished or not. So, here are my thoughts after fully … Continue reading Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Review

Sniper Elite 5 PC Review

Posted on: 24 Jun 2022

I’ve always been a fan of the Sniper Elite franchise since the release of the original game in 2005. I played its second and third parts years ago, and its fourth part about two weeks prior to the release of SE5 (so that I could make an apt comparison between the two). And in a … Continue reading Sniper Elite 5 PC Review

Weird West PC Review

Posted on: 16 Apr 2022

Since I’m a big fan of immersive sim games, I’ve been looking forward to Weird West since its initial announcement. After all, this is the first game by WolfEye, a studio formed by the co-founder of Arkane (who worked on Dishonored and Prey, both of which I absolutely loved). So, here are my thoughts after … Continue reading Weird West PC Review

Dying Light 2: Stay Human PC Review

Posted on: 11 Mar 2022

Dying Light, while not a perfect game, is probably one of my favorite zombie games (I’ve played it multiple times in solo/coop, with around 330 hours of playtime). So it goes without saying that I’ve been looking forward to the sequel. Well, after spending around 85 hours with the game, here are my thoughts.

Kena Bridge of Spirits PC Review

Posted on: 21 Oct 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the first venture into video games by animation studio turned developer, Ember Lab. In the weeks prior to launch, there were some concerns. We didn’t get many gameplay trailers, and there was a review embargo until launch day. I saw these as worrying signs. However, after playing Kena, I’m happy … Continue reading Kena Bridge of Spirits PC Review

Aliens Fireteam Elite PC Review

Posted on: 15 Sep 2021

The Alien movies are some of my favorite movies of all time (especially Alien and Aliens). Unfortunately, the games based on that franchise have been a mixed bag. Some were good and some were awful. With the announcement of Aliens Fireteam Elite though, I was a bit hopeful. On paper, a horde mode shooter combined … Continue reading Aliens Fireteam Elite PC Review